Insideusa goes

Harte Arbeit wird belohnt (und gute Kontakte zu Chefredaktoren auch). Jedenfalls blogge ich nun auch auf Hier mein erster Beitrag. Dafür gibts dann mal einen Kaffee im Xenix, gäll Andy?

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Eine Antwort zu Insideusa goes

  1. Melanie schreibt:

    Hi Samuel, Thank you very much for your postcard from the Grand Canyon which Peter and I appreciated very much! What a mind-boggling experience you are having which you are documenting excellently for posterity! You’ll never guess who I bumped into this lovely autumn morning at Zurich HB – Anina. Well, she spotted me in fact as I was sleepwalking at that hour of the day. We had a short but interesting chat about her studies and then I hopped on a tram 14 to my office. Keep up the good work, Samuel! It makes excellent and interesting reading. Take care, enjoy and all the best, fondly from yonder, Melanie xxx P.S. We just watched Hitchcock’s „Rear Window“, one of your recent film recommendations to us, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanx!

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